Can I change my primary domain?

Changing the primary domain is definitely possible, however there are some limitations to this in our system.*

Basically, when we change the primary domain, that domain and it’s settings/contents are wiped out. Additionally, this cannot be changed to a domain that currently exists in the account unless that domain is removed first. This leaves a few options:
1. We can leave this domain in, it causes no harm if you are no longer using it.
2. We can set this to a domain that is not currently added as an Addon Domain in the account.
3. We can remove an existing Addon Domain and set that as the primary, but it’s settings and contents will be removed in the process.
We can gladly help according to your preferred method :)
* While those limitations could be overcome manually, this request is frequent enough that we have decided to deal within the limitations for the time being in the interest of protecting the viability of our low cost structure.